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Our Story

Where It All Began

DAANA was born from Sanjay and Sunita’s  love for cooking, and the joy of giving and sharing. It is our honest attempt to present a fulfilling experience of authentic Indian cuisine- especially South Indian food, other regional and popular street foods presented with a spirit of generosity. Beginning from our humble origins at Westside Acton Park in 2015 from a 40 foot Shipping Container and moving to our full- service restaurant at Curtin in September 2016 Daana has grown due to the love and support from our loyal guests.  

OUR passion

Spotlight on all things Indian

There is little bit of India reflecting in almost everything at Daana. The unique and serene ambiance at Daana is a kaleidoscopic’ showcase of almost every state of India, each equally fascinating, and all conversation starters!

You can see the rich textile heritage from across India on our ‘Saree Wall’,  the ‘Wall of Frames’ celebrates the many textile finishing techniques and jewellery making traditions of India. Through the ‘Warli Wall Mural’ and several other artifacts, we put the spotlight on the tribal arts of the country. Besides these, there are several heirloom household utility items on display that have been handed down generations to Chef Sunita’s family, each at least 90-100 years old.

So, come in sit back and enjoy not just a lovely meal but truly be immersed in a cultural experience like no other, we always love talking about what we have showcased and answering questions from our guests. Don’t be shy, ask us!

In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognition

We were delighted and humbled to be recognised by the industry association Restaurant & Catering Association of Australia winning the 2019 National Silver Awards, ACT  Best Indian Restaurant 2019, ACT Consumer Vote Award 2019, ACT Best Indian Restaurant in 2018, and ACT Best New Restaurant in 2017. The loyalty and support of our much-loved customers have helped us every step of the way, and we’re immensely grateful. Equally, if not more, gratifying is being nominated and becoming Finalists at the ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards in 2017, 2018 and 2019..
More recently DAANA won an AGFG (Australian Good Food and Travel Guide) 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards.

RCA National Awards

RCA ACT Awards


RCA- Savour Awards for Excellence 2019 ACT



Meet the Chefs

The Best in the Business

Sunita – our Chef d’inspiration

Born into a South Indian family with roots in Kerala, professional chef Sunita’s early passion for cooking developed in the kitchens of her parents and her grandmothers. Daana’s varied menu is inspired by many of Sunita’s family recipes, which she is very happy to share with her guests! 

Sanjay – our Chef de flavour

Originally from Delhi, Sanjay’s grandfather was a culinary expert, renowned for festival and wedding catering. Sanjay would watch him with awe, inspiring his own path to formal training as a chef and a career with India’s leading hotel group, Taj Hotels.

Together, Sunita and Sanjay have lived in cities across India, exploring different regional delicacies and cuisines, which they now present to Canberrans through Daana’s award-winning flavours cooked with immense love and passion.


What our guests are saying?

“Legit best Indian food in Canberra ♥.”

“This family business is amazing. The owners/staff are helpful, informative, and actually care about the food they are dishing out, and the people eating it.

Every Saturday, they do a different region of India and foods that the area specialises in.

Haven’t had a bad dish from here, don’t think I ever will!

Must try for everyone!”

Theodore Leonidas Merkoureas on FaceBook 

“Always an absolute treat!”

“Going to Daana for thali is always an absolute treat. The food is beautifully prepared and the selection of dishes is perfection. No one else in Canberra offers such a selection, especially of vegetarian food. I can’t wait for my next visit to Daana!”

Pip Thompson on The Fork

“Not the tired formula Indian!”

“Very impressed, this establishment prepares Indian food to a standard rarely seen in Australia. So many Indian restaurants in this country simply follow a tired formula, but Daana presents regional variations with real skill that demonstrates a wide appreciation and knowledge of regional cuisines. We were visiting from Victoria and can’t wait to try out the Khatiawardi menu if it is on next time we visit family in Curtin.”

Neil Longmore on Google Business

“Amazing Experience.”

“We were visiting Canberra from Perth to see old uni friends. Growing up around authentic Kerela inspired South Indian meals cooked by my grandmother, we visited Daana during their “Onam” special weekend. Food was amazing and the experience came with so much warmth from the owners Sunita, Sanjay and the rest of their staff (banana leaf service with full typical Kerala menu of more than 20 items). It felt like a delicious home-cooked meal after a long time! Highly recommend if you are looking for good South Indian food in a cosy setting!”

Sangeeta Parmeswaran on Facebook

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