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The menu at DAANA is a celebration of traditional Indian cuisines, especially South Indian food, other regional and popular street foods of India. Our promise is a dynamic menu with dishes from all parts of India to tantalise your tastebuds!

Although traditional in the way the dishes are prepared, we present them in a contemporary style that showcases the urban Indian dining experience that will appeal to one and all.

We loved working on our NEW AUTUMN-WINTER 2019 MENU and we believe you will love it too!​


Vegetarian & Vegan

Podi Paneer V GF (6pcs)                                              20
Indian cottage cheese fingers tossed in home blend spiced chutney powder, with tomato-onion chutney

Beetroot Kola Urandai VG GF (6pcs)                            19
Fried dumplings of beetroot, split chickpeas, fennel, coconut, with coconut chutney

Gobi Kempu Bezule VG GF (6pcs)                                 18
Daana’s old favourite-Cauliflower rice-flour fritters, tossed in onions, mustard seeds, green chillies, and curry leaves, with mint-tamarind chutney

Daana’s Kalan Paniyaram VG GF (6pcs)                     20
Dumplings of rice-lentil batter cooked in a cast-iron mold and served with Chettinad ‘Kalan’ -pepper mushroom-onion


Meen Pollichattu GF (4pcs)                                 20
Kerala style, fish coated in tomato onion masala, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled

Kori Kempu Bezule GF (8pcs)                             20
Crispy chicken strips rice-flour fritters, tossed in onion, green chillies, with spicy chilli-tomato chutney

Chettinad Eral Masala GF (6pcs)                       24
Stir-fried prawns with home blend Chettinad spices, curry leaf in sesame oil, with a roasted garlic-yogurt dip

Arcot Lamb Short Ribs GF (4pcs)                      22
From kitchens of erstwhile Arcot Royal Family, smoky short ribs in green chutney marinade, with spicy mint – tamarind chutney


Vegetarian & Vegan

Shahi Paneer Korma V GF                                             25
Paneer korma in cashew, brown onion and cream. Chef recommends, best with tawa butter roti, Kachumber salad 

Mysore Huli Soppina Saaru VG GF                               24
Healthy stew of mixed legumes- ‘Kulath’ Horsegram, Red Kidney Beans, Black Eyed Beans, and mix leafy greens fenugreek, spinach and kale, in tamarind and coconut curry. Chef recommends with steamed Basmati rice, pappadams

Nadan Veg Curry VG GF                                              22
Kerala style, seasonal mix veggies stewed with whole spices, mustard seeds, curry leaf, coconut milk. Chef recommends best with steamed Basmati rice and pappadams

Karaikudi Vada Kozhambu VG GF                               22
Channa dal dumplings simmered in tamarind-tomato-onion curry. Chef recommends, best with lemon rice

Bangalore Saagu VG GF                                              23
Seasonal vegetables in freshly ground roasted spices and coconut curry. Chef recommends best with Ghee rice or mini uttappam  




Kottayam Curry – Fish or Prawns GF                      25 / 27
Spicy tangy curry of shallots, tomatoes, and tamarind with fresh curry leaves.

Daana’s Malabar Chicken GF                                      25
Daana’s old favourite- mildly spiced chicken curry with fennel, curry leaves, and coconut milk. Chef recommends, best with Malabar parotta

Tanjavur Kozhi Vautha Kozhambu GF                        25
Simple, rustic chicken curry of freshly ground roasted spices is perfect for a winter meal

Military Hotel’ Kheema Unde Saaru GF                       28
Inspired by delectable curries served at ‘Military Hotels’- non-descript eateries in Southern India. Spiced lamb mince balls in freshly ground coconut, coriander, roasted channa dal curry. Chef recommends best with Ghee rice

New Homestyle Goat Curry GF                                  26
Daana’s new home blend- goat meat curry in onion-tomato and fresh herbs. Chef recommends, best with steamed Basmati rice or tawa butter roti

Daana’s Hyderabadi Dum Biryani GF                  26/ 28
Chef Sanjay’s signature dish- slow-cooked meat, Basmati rice, herbs, saffron. Served with cucumber raita. CHECK FOR MEAT OF THE DAY – CHICKEN, GOAT or LAMB


Sides & Accompaniments

Potato Palya VG GF                                                    12
Potatoes tempered with onion, curry leaves, mustard seeds

Veg Poriyal VG GF                                                       12
Seasonal veggie tempered with curry leaves, mustard seeds, coconut

Highway Dal VG GF                                                    12
Served in highway roadside eateries – lentils tempered with onion-tomatoes, garlic, ghee

Raita V GF                                                                    7
Seasoned yogurt CHOICE OF Cucumber or Onion

Garden Toss Salad VG GF                                            7
Cumcumber, tomatoes, roasted sunflower seeds and salad greens, tossed in lemon-coriander dressing

Kerala Pappadum (4pcs) VG GF                                 5

Chutney & Pickle                                                     3.00EA
CHOICE OF- Mint-Tamarind, Garlic-Yogurt, Spicy Chilli-Tomato, Coconut, Tomato-Onion, Mix Veg Pickle

Chutney Platter                                                           7
Choose ANY Three Chutney/ Pickle 

Breads & Rice 

Malabar Parotta                                        4.50EA
Kerala’s favourite- layered flatbread

Malabar Garlic Parotta                              5.00EA
Kerala’s favourite- layered flatbread with garlic

Tawa Roti VG                                              4.00EA
Wholemeal flatbread

Tawa Butter Roti                                          4.50EA
Wholemeal flatbread with butter

Mini Uttappam VG GF                                4.00EA
Fluffy savoury pancake from rice and white urad lentil batter

Steamed Basmati Rice VG GF                      4.50

Chittranna Rice                                             6.00EA
Classic South-Indian tempered rice in three-ways:
– Tomato Rice VG GF           
– Lemon Rice VG GF 
– Ghee Rice V GF 





Wattalappam GF                                                                      15
Inspired by Sri Lankan classic- steamed coconut-caramel egg custard with jaggary, spices and nuts, with jaggary-coconut cream sauce

Kesar Kulfi V GF                                                                       14
Homemade frozen dessert of slow cooked milk with Saffron, nuts and raisins

Daana’s Carrot Halwa 3.0 V                                                     15
Daana’s third season of presenting a contemporary twist to a classic – slow-cooked carrot and milk, with white- chocolate crumble, ‘Chiki’ caramel-nuts brittle, Vanilla ice cream

Chakka Pradhaman VG GF                                                     14
Kerala’s favourite- homemade caramelised jackfruit pudding with nuts and raisins

Ice Cream V GF ( 1 OR 2 SCOOPS)                                        5/9
CHOICE OF Vanilla OR Chocolate


Available ONLY MON-FRI (dine-in) for 2 or more persons
Full table participation is required for Banquet service. 
Full Vegetarian or Vegan Banquet available on request.

2 Course- 40pp 

Kozi Kempu Bezule
Beetroot Kola Urandai

Daana’s Malabar Chicken
‘Military Hotel’ Kheema Unde Saaru
Nadan Veg Curry

Served With:
Steamed Basmati Rice, Malabar Parotta (1pp), Kerala Pappadum (1pp), Pickle and Plain yogurt



3 Course- 45pp 

Kozi Kempu Bezule
Beetroot Kola Urandai
Gobi Kempu Bezule

Daana’s Malabar Chicken
‘Military Hotel’ Kheema Unde Saaru
Nadan Veg Curry
Mysore Huli Soppina Saaru

Served With:
Steamed Basmati Rice, Malabar Parotta (1pp), Kerala Pappadum (1pp), Pickle and Plain yogurt

Chakka Pradaman OR Ice cream



Bombay Remix (Dine-in) 


Please allow the Chef a minimum of 20 minutes for preparing these dishes for you. 

Pao Bhaji Fondue V                                                      22 
‘Bhaji’ – spiced mash veggies with warm goodness of cheese fondue. Served with Daana’s house-special buttered ‘Pao’ bread bites, chopped onions, lemon wedge  

Daana’s Vada Pao 2.0 VG                                           20
Spiced potatoes frittered with the house-special Pao bread with spicy red chili-garlic chutney. Served with dry garlic chutney, mint chutney, and fried salted green chilly

Bombay Ragada Pattice Sizzler V GF                        28
Making good old sizzlers fashionable again! ‘Pattice’ – potato cakes topped with ‘Ragada’ – dried yellow peas curry, topped with chutneys, chopped onions, chillies, pineapple, grilled onion and tomatoes, on a bed of greens

Bombay Kheema Pao Sizzler                                     30
Sizzling ‘Kheema’- curried lamb mince, with seasonal veggies, grilled onion and tomatoes, spiced potato wedges served with buttered Pao bread, chopped onions, lemon wedge on a bed of greens

Extra Pao – $2.50 each

Dosai & Uttappam (Dine-in)


DOSAI GF 1pc per serve
South Indian specialty food, crispy savoury crepes. Accompanied with Sambar* and two chutneys. 

Plain VG                                                            14  
Masala VG                                                        16
Tempered potato filling 
Mysore Masala VG                                           18
Mysore masala – spicy garlic chutney with potato filling  
Ghee Roast V                                                    18 
Ghee Roast Masala V                                      20  
Kheema Dosa (*No Sambar)                           22
Spiced lamb mince curry

UTTAPPAM GF 1pc per serve
South Indian speciality food, fluffy savoury pancake. Accompanied with Sambar* and two chutneys.  

Plain VG                                                           14  
Onion VG                                                         16  
Kheema (*No Sambar)                                    22
Spiced lamb mince curry

South Indian Favourites 

Idli Vadai Sambar (2 Idli & 1 Vadai) V GF      16
Idli and Medhu Vadai served with Sambar and two chutneys.  

Medhu Vadai Sambar (2 Vadai) V GF           16
Medhu Vadai served with Sambar, with two chutney. 

South Indian Tasting Platter (FOR 2 PEOPLE) VG GF     25
South Indian favourites in small bites. Idli, Mini Vadai, Uttappam, Masala Dosai 

Extra Sambar/ Chutney – 3.00EA

Every Saturday we take you on a culinary journey across India. Join us!

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