Autumn-Winter Confluence Menu

The menu at DAANA is a celebration of traditional Indian cuisines, especially South Indian and Regional Indian food. Although traditional in the way the dishes are prepared, we present them in a contemporary style that showcases the urban Indian dining experience that will appeal to one and all.

This year’s Sping-Summer Confluence Menu showcases the harmonious blending of traditional Indian recipes with native Australian ingredients and the best seasonal produce. We have spent many months researching the flavour profiles of local indigenous ingredients. Recipe development and taste testing were crucial for finding the right balance between the distinct native ingredients and commonly used Indian spices.

This innovative blending is the first of its kind for an Indian restaurant in the Canberra region, bringing in a whole new dimension to innovative Indian dining.

The Confluence Menu is our tribute to our adopted homeland, Australia, it is a meeting, bedding down, a tucking in of our homes and their distinctive flavours. We have loved working on this truly special menu and we welcome you to Daana to ‘Tuck-in’!M.

~ Chefs Sunita & Sanjay


Mains - Vegetarian & Vegan

Our new innovative dishes or old favourites, you'll enjoy them all!
All Mains are Gluten Free

Daana's Karaikudi Eggplant Curry- Signature Dish

An old favourite- rustic eggplant curry in spicy tamarind, tomatoes curry with chillies, pearl onions, hint of lemon myrtle, bush tomatoes
• Chef recommends with Lemon Rice and Pappadum

Kerala Vazhaipuvu Kootu

Exotic tender banana flower, green banana, seasonal veggies in tempered Bengal gram lentils with roasted coconut, mustard seeds
• Chef recommends with Steamed Basmati Rice and Pappadum

Udupi Kumbalakayi Ananas Curry -Signature Dish

Roasted Kent pumpkin, grilled pineapple in tangy spiced coconut-tamarind curry with native pepper berry, toasted pumpkin seeds and coconut slices
• Chef recommends with Lemon Rice and Pappadum

Chettinad Palakkai Sothi

Tender jackfruit, and Dutch potatoes stewed in a flavour-packed curry with coconut, fennel and peppercorns

Nizami Paneer Korma

Daana's version of a Hyderabadi classic- Paneer in a rich velvety gravy of Macadamia nuts, Lotus seeds, almonds, and saffron.
• Chef recommends with Malabar Parotta or Tawa Butter Roti

Dosai (ONLY Available Mon-Thur)

South Indian classic- rice- lentils fermented batter crepes

Masala Dosai

Rolled crepe filled with spiced potatoes

Mysore Masala

Dosa with a generous smearing of spicy coconut-lentil chutney with garlic, red chillies

EXTRA $2.00

Extra Sambar- $5.00
Extra Chutney - $3.00 EA


All Mains are Gluten Free.

Goan Curry- Red Snapper fish or Prawns
33/ 35

Z1ÇA Goan staple – light curry of freshly ground coconut, whole spices, Byadagi chilli, garlic, and palm vinegar
• Chef recommends with Steamed Rice

Naadan 'Roast' Masala - Lobster or Prawn
40/ 35

Kerala style Lobster tails or Prawns in a blend of aromatic spices- fennel, native pepper berry, green chillies with coconut, and tangy 'Kachampuli'
• Chef recommends with Malabar Garlic Parotta or Iddiyappam

Daana's Malabar Chicken- Signature Dish

Mildly spiced chicken curry with fennel seeds and coconut milk
• Chef recommends with Malabar Garlic Parotta

'Gaavti' Kombdi Rassa

A winter warmer- spicy and hot, village style chicken curry with 'Ghoda' masala
• Chef recommends with Malabar Parotta or Steamed Rice

Chettinad Aatukaal Kozhambu

Daana's twist to a Chettinad favourite - 24 hours sous vide lamb shanks in a freshly roasted spices, aniseed myrtle and coconut curry
• Chef recommends with Iddiyappam or Steamed Basmati Rice

Hyderabadi Lamb Korma

Hyderabadi classic- lamb in a rich velvety gravy of Macadamia nuts, Lotus seeds, almonds, and saffron.
• Chef recommends with Tawa Roti

Daana's Homestyle Goat Curry

Your winter favourite is back! Slow cooked goat meat curry with yogurt and fresh Habanero chillies
• Chef recommends with Tawa Roti and Raita

Chef Sanjay's Hyderabadi Dum Biryani- Signature Dish

A signature special- slow-cooked succulent meat in layers of Basmati rice with sprices, saffron cooked in 'Dum' meaning 'in its own steam'
• Ask your host for the meat of the day- Chicken, Lamb or Goat