Autumn-Winter Confluence Menu

The menu at DAANA is a celebration of traditional Indian cuisines, especially South Indian and Regional Indian food. Although traditional in the way the dishes are prepared, we present them in a contemporary style that showcases the urban Indian dining experience that will appeal to one and all.

This year’s Sping-Summer Confluence Menu showcases the harmonious blending of traditional Indian recipes with native Australian ingredients and the best seasonal produce. We have spent many months researching the flavour profiles of local indigenous ingredients. Recipe development and taste testing were crucial for finding the right balance between the distinct native ingredients and commonly used Indian spices.

This innovative blending is the first of its kind for an Indian restaurant in the Canberra region, bringing in a whole new dimension to innovative Indian dining.

The Confluence Menu is our tribute to our adopted homeland, Australia, it is a meeting, bedding down, a tucking in of our homes and their distinctive flavours. We have loved working on this truly special menu and we welcome you to Daana to ‘Tuck-in’!M.

~ Chefs Sunita & Sanjay



Classic Indian desserts with our innovative touch that you love!

Chakka Adda Pradhaman- Signature Dish

Kerala's favourite - Caramelised jackfruit and rice 'Adda' (pasta), slow-cooked with coconut milk and cardamom
• NUT-FREE on request

Goan Dodol

An authentic, decadent Goan dessert. A rich coconut and palm jaggery fudge-toffee, with white chocolate sauce

Figs, Vanilla & Macadamia Kulfi

Classic Indian frozen dessert of slow-cooked reduced milk with figs, vanilla beans and macadamia nuts

Mysore Pak Tart

Daana's twist to a classic sweet- 'Mysore Pak' - a rich ghee and gram flour fudge in tartlets with jaggary sauce


South Indian ‘Kaapi’ Coffee

South Indian blend, percolated in Indian Coffee filter with milk

Masala Chai

Indian tea with milk and home-blend 'Chai Masala'

Badam Kesari Milk

Hot milk with blend of almonds, saffron masala

Choice of Tea

Earl Grey, Green Tea, English Breakfast, Indian Basil (Caffeine-free)