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Daana’s Bhoj

a luxurious Thali feast through India

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Daana’s Bhoj is a signature offering unparalleled by an Indian restaurant in Australia (perhaps, even globally!) it is a luxurious feast of a lovingly crafted meal featuring different regional cuisines of India every weekend is served in a  traditional ‘Thali’  


In a typical Bhoj Menu you will savour:

1 x Starter |   1 x Entree  |   2 x Mains  |    3 x Vegetarian sides  |   1 x Lentil  |  Breads, Rice, and Accompaniments best suited for the week’s menu   |   2 x Desserts.

You can choose either Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian or a Combination Bhoj. Guests are requested to indicate their preference of Veg, Non Veg or Combo Bhoj at the time of making your booking.

Daana’s Bhoj is available ONLY BY PRE-ORDER at least a day in advance.


$56 Veg or Non Veg. || $60 Combo [Choose any 3 of 4 the Mains]
Kids [Age 5-12yrs] $30
[No Refills]